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“Derek Sloan just another opportunist Ottawa politician looking to use Albertans to further his own political career”


August 19, 2021


PPC Banff-Airdrie Campaign HQ, Cochrane – Derek Sloan has just announced his intentions to run as a Candidate in the upcoming Federal Election in the riding of Banff-Airdrie, Alberta. 

Statement by Nadine Wellwood;

“Obviously, Sloan lacks the confidence and the courage to run in his own riding, where he would face a strong Liberal opponent. So, he has decided to come to Alberta in an attempt to steal one of Alberta’s seats, denying an Albertan a voice in the House of Commons.

Sloan has just proven himself to be another egotistical, selfish Ottawa transplant that sees Albertans as nothing more than an opportunity to advance his own political career.

Sloan claims he is here to “make Alberta great again.” It is de je vu – an Ottawa politician to the rescue. We heard it before from Jason Kenney, the last Ottawa transplant.

Well, news flash Sloan, Alberta is already great, and Albertans are tired of Ottawa’s leftovers. Sloan would not know that however, because he does not live here and knows nothing about Alberta and the wonderfully proud people that call Alberta home.

Albertans do not want or need another Ottawa politician to “save us”.  Albertans want and deserve an actual Albertan to be their voice, their representative in Ottawa. 

If Derek Sloan wanted to help Alberta, he would have thrown his support behind an Alberta Candidate and shown some real leadership. Instead, he has chosen to be selfish and in doing so displayed his own weakness as a leader.

Derek Sloan should return to Ontario and leave Albertans to defend Alberta.”

– 30 –

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Approved by the Official Agent for Nadine Wellwood


Comments (2)

  • BRAVO Nadine You Go Girl!!!!!!! You are right – Kenney was an Ottawa transplant and betrayed Albertans. #PPCCanadaFirst
    I agree with Nadine because since March 2020 Kenney was deceived or bought and threw pastors in jail including Artur Pawlowski who was feeding the poor on the streets of Calgary! Kenney did not end the Covid-19 Emergency Act/lockdown that disguises martial law and our national high-jacking by UN Agenda 2030 puppet Justin Trudeau and all 4 mainline parties #LibConNDPGreenBQUNgloblists.

  • I’m a registered PPC’er. I voted PPC in 2019 and I will again. I must say, your characterization of Derek Sloan could easily be attributed to Max Bernier as well. I would hope that in future, you would sling mud in such a way as not to get any on us.

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Authorized by the Official Agent for Nadine Wellwood