Why Albertans should stop voting Conservative – Macleans.ca

This is the argument I have put forward to Albertans for months now and it looks like others are starting to hear it. Great article and well written McLeans. Thank you.

Alberta doesn’t need to separate to get what it wants. What we want is to be heard and respected. We want to manage our own economy and control our own destiny. We want Ottawa to get out of our way.

So you think that by sending a full slate of CPC MPs to Ottawa, that is going to make a difference? Been there… done that! Alberta will be in the exact same position 4 years from now, as Andrew Scheer who has to pander to QC to get elected has to pander to Quebec to get re-elected; because let’s be honest Quebec votes count and ours don’t. “… as Einstein famously observed, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And if recent history is any indication, voting Conservative isn’t going to get them the results they want.”

So here is how we do it… we use the new tool in the tool box and that is the PPC. 34 PPC Alberta MP’s marching into Ottawa, and now Alberta holds the power, regardless of Government. PPC in power great, Liberal or Conservative minority just as great for Alberta… why because if you want to get anything done in Ottawa, it has to pass through 34 Albertan PPC votes to get it. Now that’s a strategy.

Wake up CPC members, we are never going to get a fair shake in the rest of Canada until we get a voice and enough power to do it. This October is our opportunity, a vote for the PPC is a STRATEGIC vote for Alberta.

“The odds of Albertans actually voting strategically in this fall’s election and putting the province’s federal Conservatives on notice are about the same as Maxime Bernier crossing the aisle to join the Liberals. But it’s something they might want to start thinking seriously about.” – McLeans

Maxime Bernier, Peoples Party of Canada, Splitting the Vote

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