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Cold Hard “Truth”

Hello everyone. I wanted to send a more personal post today because I believe that truth is being attacked in this country and truth is extremely hard to defend.

My hope is that people see through the slander and smear campaigns and recognize it them for what they are. Maxime is a threat to the establishments in this country, just as the establishments are a threat to Canadians. Bad behaviour is too often rewarded in today’s society and sometimes people are too quick to make a judgement without first doing a little due diligence.

I have a Muslim Uncle, a black best friend – and yes I can call him black, I have gay friends, an Aboriginal brother, and I am Métis. I have never been treated with disrespect from this Party, especially from Maxime Bernier. Shouldn’t a person’s actions speak more profoundly than a person’s words?

No one wants to talk about that… and the truth of the matter is we shouldn’t have to because in the end it would not matter in a country that has one rule of law that protects and treats all the people equally.

Freedom of Speach

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  • You are correct sir, unfortunately I believe if something is not change we will see our Canada fall apart and destroyed from within. I am not an alarmist but we can not continue on the path we are on with out civil war and violence taking over. How long will we stand blindly by an do nothing while our civil libertiies and democracy dissapear. I do hope Mr. Bernier is what he claims to be but at this point who do I vote for.

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