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Maxime Bernier image with Nadine Wellwood

Maxime Bernier Confident PPC Will Gain Support

People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxim Bernier is confident support will continue to grow for his grassroots conservative party as more Canadians become familiar with its platform.

He believes a growing number of Canadians are tired of political correctness and wishy-washy politicians. Instead, they are seeking a party with strong convictions.

Bernier spent the better part of July 13 in Cochrane as part of his week-long Alberta swing that stretched from Grande Prairie in the north to Lethbridge in the south.

An afternoon open house attended by about 75 people saw Banff-Airdrie PCC candidate Nadine Wellwood lead a Q&A that allowed Bernier to speak about his party’s policies and answer a few questions from the floor.

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