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Hello friends and family. I’m reaching out today because I am calling on all of my friends and family for your support. As many of you know I have opted to take a position in fighting for a better future for tomorrow, not so much for me but for the future of our children and for many of you, your grandchildren.

My daughter is only 7 years old and I believe that she will face many serious challenges in the years to come if good people with strong Canadian values do not step up and start to speak out. I have made that decision and will be running in our next Federal election for The People’s Party of Canada.

To effectively run for MP for Banff-Airdrie it will cost approximately $80-90,000 for a successful campaign and it can be done. I am and we are committed to getting elected but much of it will rest largely on the ability to get my name and the party out there and promote the Party message, signs, advertising, promotional materials, events, etc.

Canada needs a strong voice, one that respects freedom and the Canadian people, does not impose unfair laws, greater and greater taxes and its own agenda on the people. Justin Trudeau has in my own opinion has simply gone mad with his ideological view of the world all while he sits atop his Trust fund. He is totally out of touch with reality.

The Conservative Party offer their support to the same Liberal policies that threaten the very things that made Canada a great country. They are silent on our freedom of speech, weak on immigration, support corporate welfare and higher costs for Canadians, continue to expand government and have no plan to balance the budget. The list goes on.

I believe the only real option if we are to preserve our freedoms and Canadian values today is to support Maxime Bernier and The People’s Party of Canada. To give real Canadians like you and me a voice in Ottawa. A voice that is free to speak up and fight for respect, fairness, and freedom.

I have included a link to the EDA donation site below where you can make an online donation. Note there is a considerable tax credit (75% on the first $400) i.e. a $400 donation will only cost you $100 out of pocket, CRA will give you a tax credit for the other $300. A $100 donation is a cost of $25 out of pocket. Every little bit helps. The maximum contribution is $1600 for those who can afford it, it will go along way and is greatly appreciated.

To donate click this link:

I thank you all for your support as we work together to take back our voice for Canada and our future generations.

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