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Freedom and Mandates:

Government has a responsibility to protect the individual rights of every citizen. Discrimination and segregation based on race, color, faith, or personal medical choice has no place in Alberta.

Government powers must be restricted.  Never again should government have the power to impose Lock Down mandates, close our businesses, prohibit us from seeing loved ones, force face coverings, or threaten our jobs because of personal medical choices.

A New Relationship with Ottawa:

Alberta is a sovereign Province with jurisdictional powers and rights that must be respected.  Alberta must reject intrusions of the Federal Government into Provincial jurisdictions that are not Constitutional or act contrary to the best interest of Albertans.

Agriculture & Energy:

Our farmers and natural resources are under attack. Food and energy insecurity for the first time in my lifetime are a reality.

Alberta must re-assert its jurisdictional powers to develop our own natural resources, manage our own lands and secure our property rights.

Alberta must reject the Federal Carbon tax, and imposed limits on Fertilizer use that will drive up the cost of everyday essentials, threaten businesses, and limit economic growth.

Family/Education/Parental Rights:

Family is the bedrock of strong communities. The rights of parents need to be respected and protected. 

Parents should be informed and encouraged to be active participants in the decisions regarding the education of their children. 

Schools are places of learning and should not be used to promote “woke ideology” or promote a political agenda.


Governments were put into place to serve its citizens, not rule them. Instead, government has become a top-heavy bureaucratic nightmare.

We must eliminate government regulations and bureaucracy that significantly limit the potential of small and medium sized business in favor of large corporations. 

Elected officials must be more actively engaged with the people they serve, and held to account for the decisions they make.

MLA’s have a responsibility to respond to concerns and questions honestly, transparently, and in a timely manner.


Nadine is a long-time resident of Alberta, married to a proud Albertan man, and mother to a beautiful daughter. Nadine has been a passionate public defender of rights and freedoms of every Albertan for almost five years. First defending freedom of speech and the Province’s right to develop its’ own natural resources, to more recently protecting our right to make our own medical choices.

Having grown up in a small rural town, Nadine is instilled with family values and a strong work ethic. She believes in the strength and ingenuity of Albertans and believes Alberta can lead the way in both economic prosperity and high moral authority. We just need to get government out of our way.

Nadine has years of experience in public service and is a business owner. She has extensive knowledge and work experience in finance, health, and aerospace & defense. She will put this knowledge and experience to work for you, listening to your concerns every step of the way.

Nadine has always been a strong advocate of Alberta First and has unapologetically defended her conservative principles and is dedicated to a Strong & Free Alberta. Nadine is running because she wants to ensure our government reflects the values of its people, and so our children will enjoy the same opportunities that she has had.

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