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A Fair Deal for Albertans

Alberta contributes greatly to Canada, and in return it is being attacked by its’ own Federal government. 

Denied the opportunity to develop its own natural resources, and the implementation of harmful regulations such as Bill C-48 and C-69 are a deliberate and harmful attack on Alberta’s economy.

The Carbon Tax is costing Albertans not only at the gas pumps, but at the grocery store and rising utility costs.

Equalization in principle was intended to help the less fortunate provinces, but has become a Quebec subsidy program.  Money leaves Alberta and is redistributed in Quebec to pay for programs Albertans can not afford themselves. The Equalization formula must be revised. Alberta should not be expected to subsidize the rest of the country.

Electoral reform is much needed if Alberta is every to have a fair deal within Canada. Government is decided before a voter ballot is ever counted in the Western provinces. This must change. Alberta does not have equal or fair representation within Canada, especially in comparison to what we contribute economically.

Albertans deserve much better than what they have received from Confederation.

We need a strong voice in Ottawa that can coherently present the grievances and negotiate for a fair deal for Alberta.  At a minimum, a voice that can bring attention to the situation and prevent poor and harmful policies from passing without opposition.

Fiscal Responsibility

Albertans believe strongly in fiscal responsibility! 

Government spending is out of control and jeopardizing the future of our Country.

Government is the biggest expense in the lives of Canadians and this holds especially true for Albertans who contribute more than their fair share in direct payments, resources and man power. 

As a Chartered Investment Manager, I have a good understanding of sound economic principles and the need to stop deficit spending and return to balanced budgets.

We must stop printing money and put an end to the inflation which is eroding the purchasing power of Albertans.  Higher costs of living for food, energy, gasoline are a direct consequence of printed money and this is just the beginning or what we can expect to see in the near future.

We need to end the Carbon Tax and reform the Equalization Formula.

Canada must prepare for the multitude of issues related to the politically created problems associated with Global Supply Chains. This little talked about but significant issue will create a short supply of goods and raise costs for all Canadians.

I foresee many economic challenges forthcoming and it will require strong leadership and a commitment to sound economic policy to address them.


The rights of Albertans & Canadians to freely and openly discuss their beliefs and opinions are being eroded at an alarming speed. 

When Freedom of Expression comes under attack, democracy is jeopardized.  Bills C-10 and C-36 seek to censor and silence opposition to Government narratives.

The only countries that share this type of censorship and oppression of Freedom of Speech include, China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Not exactly the “role model” Canada should be following.

Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees citizens freedom of conscience and religion, as well as freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other means of communication.

Socialist ideologies that have seen the introduction of vaccine mandates and vaccine passports threaten bodily autonomy and the rights of the individual. I reject discrimination, whatever form it takes and the promotion of segregation. I will use whatever authority and resources available to push back against these unlawful and immoral policies.

I will defend our Constitutional Rights as they relate to all issues of Freedom and the protection of individual rights.


Canada is a country that not only respects but values different cultures.  We respect that we can share different ideas, beliefs, opinions and respect our ability to openly debate those ideas, beliefs and opinions. 

Truth is only exposed and the best paths forward only discovered when differing opinions can freely and openly come together in respectful debate in search of truth. 

Respect starts with understanding that what is best for you may or may not be best for me.  We must respect the rights and property of each individual and resist the temptation to “force, coerce or manipulate” others to do what we determine is best.  We must protect the individual’s right to choose their own path.

Greater Provincial Autonomy

Alberta as a Province has more power to help itself than I believe it chooses to utilize.

The opportunity for Alberta to politically strengthen its position within Canada exists, if it has the political will to exercise its’ power.

Alberta should be working toward greater independence. 

I would advocate within the Province for greater provincial powers and defend these positions in Ottawa.

Alberta should control the flow of money leaving the Province, including the collection of all taxes and revenues. This one act alone would give Alberta tremendous strength in negotiating with Ottawa. 

Police force, pensions, control over natural resources, etc. all depend on Alberta’s ability to collect its own taxes and revenues and should be implemented immediately.

There is absolutely no excuse for not exercising those Provincial rights that already exist. If Quebec can do it, so can Alberta.



I have heard you Alberta.  I have heard your desire for a Fair Deal in Ottawa, the desire for smaller, more accountable Government, the return to balanced budgets, the end of deficits, and the need to stop inflation and end the rising costs.

Albertans deserve to have an advocate in Ottawa that is not afraid to speak up and will not back down from doing what is right.

Alberta Matters and we deserve to have OUR concerns, OUR values, and OUR needs represented.

With your support in this Senate election, I will be that advocate. 

I am both honored and excited to have been asked to put forward my name as a Candidate for Senate.  I will continue to stand with Albertan’s who believe in the principles of Freedom, Fairness, Respect, and Responsibility. These principles represent the very foundation of Western democracy.  

I am a business owner, mom, and wife, and I am passionate about integrity and efficiency in government.

Far from a career politician, I am an entrepreneur and have worked in health care, for the Department of National Defence, and owned an Aerospace and Defense company. I am a QAFP (financial planner) and a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), and until recently I owned and managed an independant investment firm.

Working in high-level executive roles, I understand the regulatory overburden piled on small Canadian businesses. But as I work with individual Canadians to prepare for their retirement, put their children through school, and pay an array of forever-increasing taxes, I also understand the challenges Canadians are facing.

We need to push Ottawa for positive change.  Career politicians are out of touch with everyday Canadians and they lack the courage and expertise to navigate the many challenges we are about to face.

I believe Alberta is looking to hold Ottawa accountable for the corruption and stagnation we are seeing today and we are ready to embrace fresh ideas.  We deserve a higher level of integrity from our government officials.

Personally I never thought that I would enter the political arena, where, for years, I watched the erosion of sound economic, foreign, and social policy and lack of leadership.

But here I stand, asking Albertans to vote for a strong voice that will speak for all of us from a place of shared values and common sense policies.

Please vote for Nadine Wellwood for Senate on 18 October, 2021.

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