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The Alberta Pension Project

Join the Alberta Pension Movement

Empower the vision for an independent Alberta Pension Plan. Dive into the Alberta Pension Project—a beacon of financial autonomy aiming to reshape Alberta’s future through:

  • Educational Campaigns: Your engagement and donations fuel our mission to inform every Albertan about the benefits of an Alberta-specific pension plan.
  • Community Involvement: Attend events in your community to understand the importance of Alberta leading with its own pension strategy.
  • Newsletter Updates: Subscribe to stay informed about the latest developments and how you can support the Alberta Pension Project.

Why Support the Alberta Pension Project?

Contributing to the Alberta Pension Project is more than a donation—it’s an investment in Alberta’s independence and prosperity. By supporting us, you’re helping to:

  • Spread Awareness: Increase understanding of the benefits of an Alberta-first pension approach.
  • Drive Change: Empower Albertans to make informed decisions about their financial future.
  • Build Community: Unite Albertans in a common goal for a brighter, financially autonomous future.

Discover more about the Alberta Pension Plan and how you can contribute to a vision that ensures Alberta thrives independently. Join us in making Alberta First Pension a reality.


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Nadine Wellwood is a motivational speaker, coach, and Chartered Investment Manager known for her dynamic approach to leadership and innovation. With a diverse background in aerospace, defense, and wealth management, she has made significant strides in politics and business, influencing change and inspiring progress.Nadine is sought after by executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs alike, aiming to empower them towards achieving their goals.

Nadine lives in Cochrane, AB with her family, where she continues to impact lives through her speaking engagements and personalized coaching sessions.

To read Nadine’s full bio, click below:

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Nadine Wellwood stands as a beacon for those seeking transformation in their personal and professional lives. Like those innovative coaching and educational programs, Nadine brings a wealth of experience from her extensive career in diverse sectors, including aerospace & defense, wealth management and politics. Her coaching services are uniquely tailored to empower individuals, corporations, and entrepreneurs, offering both in-person and virtual conference sessions that focus on business assessment and strategic market positioning.

Nadine’s approach is deeply transformative, aimed at not just improving business performance but also at fostering a culture of leadership and innovation within organizations. She has a proven track record of guiding her clients through complex challenges, helping them to redefine their strategies and achieve remarkable growth. Her sessions are designed to unlock potential, drive profitability, and increase influence in the marketplace.

Choosing Nadine as a coach means partnering with a visionary who is committed to your success. Her ability to navigate the nuances of various industries and to translate her insights into actionable strategies has made her a sought-after coach for those looking to elevate their game. Nadine’s impact is profound and far-reaching, making her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to achieve extraordinary results.





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